An Accurate Glycemic Index Chart

Glycemic Index Chart – Is it a Scam?

Each chart is a bit different, but they’re all working on the identical principle. Glycemic index chart is available online. The Glycemic Index Chart is an extremely handy tool to use if you’re attempting to watch what you eat, and you will discover that using it is going to ensure it is much easier in your daily life to continue to keep your blood glucose in check. A free Glycemic Index chart isn’t so difficult to find.

glycemic index chart

What Everybody Dislikes About Glycemic Index Chart and Why

The diet is a way to shed weight and protect against chronic diseases related to obesity like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. If you wish to make sure that you’re faithful with the diet, you will need to switch things up as a way to give yourself enough variety. In addition, the diet doesn’t provide advice on non-carb foods. A low glycemic diet doesn’t signify that the food must be unseasoned or tasteless. With all these people around the world afflicted by diabetes, low glycemic index diets have come to be a whole lot more important.

Type of Glycemic Index Chart

Glycemic LOAD is the sum of carbohydrate in a typical serve. Knowing the glycemic load is helpful for diabetics and others needing to monitor the high quality and amount of food they eat. Incorporating the glycemic load in your nutrition and wellness program ought to be carried out in combination with different things.

The Glycemic Index Chart Cover Up

By cutting fast carbs, you are going to continue to keep your glucose levels normal. Comparing blood glucose levels have become the most frequent strategy, monitoring the amount of blood glucose (or blood sugar”) before, during, and following a meal. They refer to the amount of glucose circulating through the body. Helps Normalize Blood Sugar Levels There are lots of reasons why you ought to worry about living with consistently large blood glucose levels.

The Glycemic Index Chart Game

The glycemic index might seem like an obscure idea, important only to food chemists, but nonetheless, it actually affects everyone’s general wellbeing and well-being. It takes into account the quality of food as well as the quantity. While it is associated with diabetics, it is advantageous for everyone to pay serious attention to it. Utilizing the glycemic index is merely a single tool to aid with diabetes administration. It is the nature of the carbs. Employing the Glycemic Index to choose foods is only a single part of healthful eating.

The very first step is to check at the types of foods you’re eating now. It’s always nice when a low glycemic food will help you in different approaches and is deemed healthy, ever since your purpose is overall wellness and wellbeing, in addition to keeping your weight at an excellent number. Eating low Glycemic Index foods means that you’re working towards a more stable blood glucose level during the day.

It is possible to choose foods you enjoy, but you could want to create substitutions, including using whole wheat pasta instead of white. So, it’s very necessary to have food with low glycemic index while pregnant. High glycemic index foods must be avoided by men and women that are attempting to lose weight, people that are at risk for diabetes and those who have hypoglycemic symptoms.


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Can blood sugar levels be effectively controlled even though you have diabetes?

The simple answer is NO. Diabetes type 1 is not curable. Type 2 might be, but type 1 not. In type 1 blood sugar levels can only be controlled with injecting insulin. With type 2 diabetes blood sugar levels can be controller with proper diet and lots of exercise.

There are two types of diabetes

Type 1 diabetes occurs due to a lack of insulin in the pancreas and happens mostly in children. It was previously known as children’s diabetes. Children had problems with regulation of blood sugar levels as a consequence. White blood cells, which act as defense against viruses and bacteria, at some point identify the beta cells in the pancreas as disease / opponents, and attack them. The result is diabetes type 1.

Fluctuation of blood sugar levels is critical

This destroyed the ability of the pancreas to generate the hormone called insulin, which is needed for the transfer of sugar into the cells. Patients are therefore by the end of life dependent on insulin injections. As a result blood sugar levels drop and spike significantly. If blood sugar levels are not controlled properly a patient is in deep trouble.[1]

Type 2 diabetes occurs as a result of cellular insulin resistance, this is a situation where the cell does not react to the presence of insulin, although it should. In this case, the pancreas produces normal hormone insulin. The problem occurs in the cell, because that particular cell does not answer. This form of diabetes is most common in the world, since it suffers from at least 90% of all patients with diabetes. [2], [3]

Both the first and second form of diabetes can be treated with proper diet. Although type 1 is not completely cured, but type 2 can be completely cured.


Diabetes onset and diabetes development:

development of diabetes
On this image: development of diabetes

What do studies say about high and low blood sugar levels?

First clinical studies have shown a link between diabetes and diet, have begun to take place in 1999 at George Washington University in the US. They started with only a 13-imi patients. For the first time, that was not tested any new medicine, but focused on a healthy plant-based diet and its impact on the course of the disease. The results were dramatic, with as many as two-thirds of patients within 12 weeks reduced or stopped using their anti-diabetes medicine. [4]


Sugar level level severity
below 4 mmol/L low dangerous
between 4 to 6 mmol/L normal lowest
above 6 to 8 mmol/L high dangerous
above 8 mmol/L very high very dangerous

Blood sugar levels chart

Stunning results from the first research scientists are driven forward to continuing with their work. The following study has been to increase the number of patients. Involving 59 patients, who were in different stages of diabetes and had different levels of blood sugar levels. Some of them have a clearer, the second medium and the third is more severe form of the disease.

Also, this study confirmed the original assumption that the vegetable diet very large impact on the functioning of insulin in diabetic patients. Patients over the 14 weeks of consuming such food quarter improved cell response to insulin. This was another great success, because the study did not test new drugs or require physical activity. Patients who prior to the survey had severe problems with unresponsiveness to insulin, suddenly felt a great relief, because the disease has slowly returned to the initial state. Interestingly, what was achieved only at the insistence of 100% relative plant nutrition. [5]

Thus, the first clinical studies have shown that a vegetable diet is a major influence on the response of cells to insulin. Apparently, in some cells change when a man shall take plant-based diet. Research in this direction have continued. Doctors have also finally realized that they can do much more for his patient if he prescribe plant-based diet. Even in cases where the situation is very critical, the resulting damage can still be corrected by properly planned a menu. Type 2 diabetes is therefore not an incurable disease, as previously believed for a long time, but in a fully curable load. Likewise, genes have no effect on disease status, as well as participating in research such patients who have had the disease gene states but nevertheless your problem welcomed by consumers. People only need to explain why it comes to diabetes. People should be able to motivate them to change their unhealthy lifestyle, because the only way to overcome the disease. [6]

Sugar causes diabetes

Until now it was believed that sugar and carbohydrates in general all (OH) cause of diabetes. Now finally understand that diabetes is caused primarily animal fat. The fact is that every cell in our body needs sugar, so it is completely irrational to blame for our troubles. Sugar, we are talking about is called glucose and body creates from food.

So we are not talking about the poor, processed (white) sugar, but on payloads sugar, which is necessary for the functioning of our body. Each cell of our works on the basis of glucose. Glucose represents our cell basic fuel, it is the source of our energy. Without this, we are tired, sleepy and dense. Therefore, the majority of diabetic patients with fatigue problems. As long as the cells do not get the real fuel in the form of glucose, such a person will be tired as the body without the sugar does not function very well. [7]

How about fat rich foods?

When eaten with fat-rich food (milk, cheese, meat, fish), this cause the sugar stays in the blood. Because of this heavy strain on their kidneys, which must constantly excrete all the unused sugar. This greatly depletes the energy of our body is forced to invest their efforts in the elimination of the enormous quantities of sugar, instead of being spent on fuel. Therefore, man is in that state constantly thirsty and constantly walking on little need. The main symptoms of diabetes are especially fatigue, constant urination and thirst. Some patients also happens that in spite of the abundance of food you eat, lose weight. We are constantly declining weight may be related to diabetic patients with fasting. Due to the non-responsiveness of cells to insulin is that they remain free of glucose for fatness, but also without nutrients, which in the long run detrimental, since it depletes the body and become malnourished. [8]

Now that you finally understand that the main culprit diabetes fat, help us understand how the disease occurs. The task of the insulin has to be transported through blood vessels to the sugar to the terminal station, that is, cells. Insulin addition to shipping ključarja performs the function that opens the cell door, which then deliver sugar by our body desperately needs for its operation. If the key for any reason get stuck in the lock, problems occur. Sugar therefore remains in the blood, which means a rise in blood sugar and give us the long-term damage to the nerves, eyes and kidneys. These are the final consequences of diabetes. [9]

Another important thing genes, but not a decisive factor. It all depends on your lifestyle. If you have a gene that causes diabetes, the latter will not be activated if you live healthier. Thus, research has shown. [10]

Carbohydrates as culprit

Despite the simple explanation that OH is not harmful, still find people who do not believe. Therefore, this doubters served with the following information. When scientists were looking for areas where they have the lowest rate of diabetic patients, found that in these areas people eat a lot OH, ie potatoes, rice, cereals, pasta and other starchy foods and fruits. How is it possible that the people who eat a lot OH, diabetes does not even come to live?

Maybe we should ask ourselves, what these people do not eat and get an answer as to why diabetes occurs. Sometimes, scientists believed that the OH main culprit for the development of diabetes. We now know that this is not true. Some ethnic cuisine such as Japanese and Chinese are living proof that this is not so, because they contain a lot of OH and very little fat and protein respectively. food of animal origin. Meat in these environments serve only as a condiment and not as a staple food. So it is not unusual that they do not have any serious problems with any of the modern civilization diseases associated with excessive consumption of animal food. In traditional Asian and African communities have not yet found any group of people who would have so many forms of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, as we have with us. In other words, people who eat more plants and very few animal products are healthier and live longer. [11]

An earlier study showed that it was in Japan among the adult population before 1980 around 1-5% of patients with diabetes. After 1990, when Japan adapted to the typical Western diet of animal origin, it is in this group, the number of diabetic patients has increased by 12%. It has been shown that in both Japanese enjoying traditional diet, based on the OH-rich plant nutrition, not have any serious health problems. While the Japanese, who eat a lot of animal food, a lot of health problems. Based on these studies it can be argued that people who eat less animal nutrition significantly less likely to get sick than those who eat too much animal nutrition. [12]

Fair would be to ask why harm our fat cells to become non-responsive to insulin? Do not grease important to our health? Answer have made a number of recent research on this issue. In short, scientists have discovered that the high-fat diet increases the proportion of fat present within the cell, which in turn prevents insulin to open the cell door and into the delivery of needed sugar. It’s like if someone in perfect lock insert chewing gum, which would render the key that unlocks the door. So somehow getting too oily fat cell lock to the insulin can no longer open. This is the main problem high-fat diet based on animal nutrition, dominated by meat, fish, eggs, milk and milk products. Such foods us in the long term health costs. [13]


Update on October 2017 – more information on blood sugar and blood sugar levels was added. Refer to the above content for more information. We do our best to bring the freshest information possible, however sometimes some errors might occur. Feel free to review the edited content.

Hidden Answers to Lower Blood Pressure Uncovered

High blood pressure is a problem. In addition, it soothes blood vessels. Magnesium is well-known for it’s all-around relaxing influence on the body. It can be quite variable, even in the same person.

Dehydration is very easily the most important cause of a rapid drop in blood pressure. It plays a crucial role in determining blood pressure. Exercise alone is famous to help decrease blood pressure levels. Check your blood pressure levels by using a blood pressure calculator on

6 Anyone with higher blood circulation pressure must also be on a greater potency multiple vitamin and mineral formula to insure optimal heights of important nutrients, especially magnesium. Let’s start with higher cholesterol. The dietary plan consists of balance of vitamins, minerals, as well as other necessary nutrients to allow your body is completely nourished.

New Questions About Lower Blood Pressure

Actually, higher blood pressure levels can be known as a silent killer since it usually does not have any noticeable symptoms. It is an actual problem, especially with the stresses of modern life. It helps with lowering both systolic together with diastolic blood circulation pressure.

It is likewise one of the finest preventive potion against common cold. You must certainly not stay prepared that prevents a whole consumption of air with every breath. For folks that desire to reduce their blood circulation pressure, the soft style of ujjayi pranayama has to be looked at.

The Secret to Lower Blood Pressure

You along with your physician can determine your intended weight additionally the most practical way to realize it. a healthy waist measurement should really be under 40 inches and 35 inches for females and men respectively. as previously mentioned because of the Mayo Clinic, keeping up a nutritious weight for the physique helps maintain your blood pressure under control.

Standard consumption will help lower weight dramatically. In addition, because they provide fiber and protein, they can enable you to keep a healthy weight for a long period to come. A decline in insulin resistance produces a decline in blood pressure levels level.

If you’re experiencing high blood pressure, make an effort to make certain you eat porridge oats for breakfast three or maybe more times weekly to reap the rewards. Besides consuming these food products, one has to also maintain a check regarding the daily sodium intake. you need to stick to the dietary plan to make sure you know you’re going to be eating the foods which are healthy that you eat rather than eating foods which are planning to improve your blood circulation pressure issue.

There is not any known specific source of hypertension. Oxidative tension and endothelial dysfunction are on the list of essential components within the evolution of hypertension. Signs and symptoms of metabolic syndrome include superior blood circulation pressure and superior cholesterol, which ups the danger of type two diabetes and heart disease.

Stress is amongst the significant contributory factors for many ailments. Animal studies mean that capsaicin may be used to take care of prostate cancer. it really is among the major contributing factors to raised blood pressure.

Who Else desires to find out about Lower Blood Pressure?

You don’t have to completely quit eating fried foods, you have to control the requirement to binge. A wholesome diet might have a large impact on your blood circulation pressure. it will cause you to feel much better.

The findings are mixed on this, however. a medical doctor will let you know regarding the DASH diet. Differences in gut flora from 1 person to another seemingly have a huge influence on whether it is the outcome that you develop cardiovascular disease.

Scientists have recently centered on oxidative stress as a big causative component in most of hypertensive problems. It is simply one study, and a little 1 at that. The contact with Vitamin D in sunshine was proven to increase happiness and decrease stress you should be certain to put on sunscreen.

It promotes normal cell rise and development. It is an organic way to destroy bacteria that will be utilized as an alternative to antiseptic. You’re going to be astonished at the results.

Introducing Lower Blood Pressure

Ultimately, use medications if you want more help. There are no actual medicines to heal stress. There are a number of different varieties of blood pressure medications.

The Birth of Lower Blood Pressure

It’s possible to help you take pleasure in these healthier yellow peppers breaded and fried. It is the most often used sort of garlic in experimental studies. It creates a great digestive aid and assists to lessen excess fluid.

The Secret to Lower Blood Pressure

Whatever the key reason you begin a good work out program, your time and effort will soon be rewarded in countless different ways. It is, thus, imperative to find medical advice when you experience them. By simply making changes at house, it is simple for somebody to lessen the reliance on medication, thereby lowering the options of side outcomes.

It’s the main cause of stroke in America. These changes are worthwhile because they may save your life. Once you make time and energy to get this done, you reduce stress.

The Ultimate Lower Blood Pressure Trick

Fresh lucuma fruit is not available worldwide. In the present hectic lifestyle it is hard to lessen the work hours, a beneficial idea would be to avoid working overtime so you have the time to see the fitness center or cook a wholesome meal. It’s often referred to as king of vegetables” because of its pungent taste.

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Why septum piercing pain lingers on

The first thing which you have to do is to choose the form of septum piercing that you like. Ensure that it’s completely glued on the septum. In case you are not yet certain if you prefer to have a real one then you are able to choose to produce your very own fake septum piercing in the interim. Septum piercin pain will linger for as long as it is healing. Septum piercing pain is not pleasant, but it is not as intense as some might say. Such pain is considered one of the main septum piercing dangers and should not be treated easily.

Septum piercing pain

If you adore septum piercing but you don’t want to have the pain then you can produce a fake one. Obtaining a septum piercing is a simple procedure in comparison to the other kinds of piercings. In the event the fake septum piercing isn’t working for you then you may choose the actual septum piercing. There are in fact two types of fake septum piercing.

If it’s the case that you already have septum piercing done and wish to purchase septum rings, the optimal/optimally place to search for is online. It is typically pierced very near the tip of the septum. Yes, on account of the location of the piercing hole, it isn’t always possible to acquire the septum piercing right usually it is going to be a little crooked on a single side.

Some piercings are somewhat more painful since they are done in sensitive locations. They are extremely popular these days. The most frequent piercing stays the fleshy portion of the reduce ear lobe. Done properly, and observing the aforementioned tips, stretching piercings is secure and relatively easy to accomplish. In fact, it is among the least painful piercings you’re able to get, for a superior piercer won’t actually go through the cartilage. This piercing is just momentarily painful, and the majority of people discover that it’s quite bearable. Nose piercings are incredibly popular around the world.

The initial portion of septum piercing is to pick the right jewelry. In case you are opting for a Septum Piercing, ensure that you do it from an expert studio. Never try to take out the ring unless the septum piercing was healed completely.

Piercing by expert hands can cause minimum pain and decrease odds of infection. It is easily hidden and it’s the additional advantage of this piercing. One of many benefits of septum piercing is it can be readily hidden if you’re not wearing septum rings.

How long does septum piercing pain persists?

Should you be interested in piercing part of your entire body, think about researching the origin and history of different kinds of body piercing. Because of this, it is exceedingly important that you know the symptoms of when your body is rejecting a piercing. In the current times, exhibiting strategic body piercing is now a style statement.

Because most of the nerve ending are in this region, piercing will be a bit painful in comparison to other kinds of piercing. A nerve can likewise be hit in this piercing, which might get the numbness and sharp pains, but there aren’t any nerves in your lips that can result in serious or long-lasting difficulties. In case the pain is unbearable, ask your health care provider. During this period, you can truly feel a minor pain that may cause your eyes to water.

All in all the rule of thumb is not to undergo a septum piercing if you are not ready to whitstand a bit of pain. Be a man about it.

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ETHYL chloride spray and diabetes

Keywords: blood glucose, diabetes, blood glucose levels, blood sugar levels

This FDA approved method is probably the best current way. It works with all kinds of shots, the blood drawing type as well as the vaccination type. It is a time-tested medication that is cheaply and easily available, and it can be applied at the time of the injection, making it unnecessary to prepare the child ahead of time. The sad thing is this has been around for decades and could have been used for entire generations of children.

So here’s to fall of blood sugar levels.

Read more about blood glucose levels in this article from

A retired doctor friend of mine was right behind me as I was typing up the web page version of this. He said his father who was also a doctor graduated from medical school in 1907, and he knew about it. I asked him why doctors have not been using this. He said, “Because most doctors think it isn’t worth the trouble!” Typical!

Ninety-three percent of those who had Ethyl Chloride spray applied to the injection site before the shot reported feeling no pain while being injected.

Clinical studies that have been published in such medical journals, as Pediatrics, Journal of the American Medical Association and the Journal of Pain Symptom Management have proven the spray is safe, easy to use and instantly effective after application.

The doctor or nurse sprays it directly on the child’s skin for a few seconds, then swabs on the antiseptic and quickly gives the shot. The spray numbs the skin through rapid cooling. It can also be used for incisions, lancing boils and draining small abscesses. It is also helpful to warn the child ahead of time the spray will feel cold but not painful.

If your doctor takes off warts or sews up cuts in his office, he/she most likely already has this spray available. It is simple thing to start using to ease children’s pain, and that is an FDA approved use of it.

Ethyl Chloride spray is available to your doctor from various places with a prescription.

Here is another that gives doctors and nurses instructions on how to administer it, but they most likely won’t need this.

Keywords: blood glucose, diabetes, blood glucose levels, blood sugar levels

Heart rate zones calculator and the musculoskeletal system

Amazing Benefits Of Exercise

Feel younger, live longer. It’s no motto — these are actual advantages of actual physical work out. Training your muscles is an investment in future. Train all your muscles, including your heart. Your heart is actually the most important muscle in your body. Refer to heart rate zones calculator for fat burning heart rate and calculate at which heart rate you should exercise daily.

If you want to know more on muscles and musculoskeletal system use google or see how the musculoskeletal system looks like.

Individuals with great levels of wellness and fitness are at lower chance of passing away from a variety of causes, according to majority of folks released in the Publication of the American Medical Association.

Physical Fitness: What the Advantages of Exercise Mean for You

There’s more great news. Research also shows that work out increases rest, stops excess bodyweight, and decreases the chance of hypertension, heart stroke, type two diabetes, and even depressive disorders.

Man Jogging on Open Road

Man Jogging on Open Road

“One research found that when breast cancers heirs involved in work out, there were noticeable developments in exercising, strength, maintaining bodyweight, and social well-being,” describes Rachel Charles, PhD, deputy director of the programs at the nationwide center, Lung, and Blood Institution of the Nationwide Institute of Health.

“Another research looked at patients with constant heart failing and determined that work out reduces symptoms, improves total well being, decreases hospitalization, and in some cases, decreases the chance of death,” contributes Dr. Levine. She points out that work out isn’t just important for those who are already living with well conditions: “If we can see advantages of average work out in those who are recuperating from illness, we might see even greater advantages in those of us who are generally well.”

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My diabetes story

So here’s my short story. I got a call the other day. His name was Jason, and he was a representative of Medtronic. Apparently, my pump has just fallen out of warranty (I didn’t even realize I’d had it for so long), and he was calling to see if I had any interest in upgrading to a newer model. Truth be told, I wasn’t paying much attention to what he was saying, focusing more on bobbing-and-weaving my way into the subway after work. I said thanks for the info, and that I’d call back later.

It was a lie. Every few years I get a call from some companies salesman asking if I want an upgrade for some diabetes supplies, and I never oblige. I still have the one-touch ultra from when I was diagnosed (almost ten years ago), and since switching to the pump the only time I’ve gotten a different one is when my model broke. I am always careful and monitor my blood sugar levels by using a blood sugar chart.

I also learnt to sleep more whenever possible. It is a must for me. It also helped me lower by BMI.

To me, none of the pumping advancements are advanced/important enough to get an entirely new device. Unless a major new breakthrough happens, I’m sticking to what I’ve got. And no, this isn’t solely limited to my diabetes ( I’m one of the ones currently deriding the new IPhone for not doing enough new to justify the price tag).

I’ve always thought like this–incremental advancement is nice and all, but call me when there is some real news. And truth be told, there is never going to be “new” news when it comes to Diabetic Supplies. They’ll get smaller, thinner, easier, but the basics aren’t likely to change. That’s why a Practical Cure would be such a revolutionary leap forward–giving people a normal life on a level diabetics haven’t known since the discovery of the disease.

It’s important to remember that this type of change–this momentous enhancement to a diabetic’s way of life–will never come from a company selling you pumps and needles and test strips. It will come from you, and from the charities–if we get them to put our money where it would be best spent.

Latest glucose level chart

Glocose is a simple sugar that is main source of energy for most of the living organisms and is a component of many carbohydrates. Human organism obtains energy from glucose. In order to see which glucose levels are ok and which not, a glucose level chart is most useful. Keep in mind a glucose level chart must be preapproved, meaning that the values must match of those approved by your local government. Refer to glucose level chart for additional information.

Monitoring blood glucose levels

Did you know? Google is developing Smart Contacts that monitor Blood Glucose. Google is developing smart contact lenses that measure the glucose levels in diabetics’ tears. If successful, Google’s newest venture could help to eliminate one of the most painful and intrusive daily routines of diabetics.

People with diabetes have difficulty controlling the level of sugar in their blood stream, so they need to monitor their glucose levels — typically by stabbing themselves with small pin pricks, swabbing their blood onto test strips and feeding them into an electronic reader. Google’s smart contacts could potentially make blood sugar monitoring far less invasive.

A prototype

The prototype contacts are outfitted with tiny wireless chips and glucose sensors, sandwiched between two lenses. They are able to measure blood sugar levels once per second, and Google is working on putting LED lights inside the lenses that would flash when those levels are too low or high. The electronics in the lens are so small that they appear to be specks of glitter, Google said. The wireless antenna is thinner than a human hair.

glucose measuring lens by googleOn this image: lenses that have built-in functionality of measuring ones blood glucose

They’re still in the testing phase and not yet ready for prime time. Google (GOOG, Fortune 500) has run clinical research studies, and the company is in discussions with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Diabetes is a chronic problem, affecting about one in 19 people across the globe and one in 12 in the United States.

Blood glucose level chart

As mentioned in the beginning, proper control of blood glucose is very important, especially with diabetics, be it either type 1 or type 2. Never assume things and always consider blood glucose chart when assessing your results. This is preventive and curative measure, all in one.

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Your Genes Are Not Your Fate

Many people’s belief is understandable. Perhaps you share it. The experts have been telling us for decades that diabetes is in our genes. You may know from your own or friends’ experience that diabetes does, indeed, run in families.

In his book, The Blood Sugar Solution, Dr. Mark Hyman writes, “In truth, diabetes is almost entirely induced by environmental and lifestyle factors. While there are some predisposing genes, these genes get turned on (or “expressed”) only under conditions of poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress, and exposure to environmental toxins.” So, if you change your life, he says, you can effectively turn those genes off.

finger pricking
On this image: finger pricking as testing for blood sugar levels

This is important to understand, because if we believe our health is controlled by our genes, we might lose hope. What’s the sense in trying, if our genes control everything? But if, as science shows, diabetes is mainly caused by environment and lifestyle, then we can indeed do something about it. We can defeat Type 2 diabetes and enjoy a normal, healthy life.

Blaming genes isn’t exactly a lie, but it’s extremely misleading. The Pima Indians in southern Arizona have the highest rates of Type 2 in the world, well over 50%. So, their genes have been blamed. Tens of millions of dollars have been spent studying the Pima, looking for the cursed genes that make them sick, but without results.

Meanwhile, 100 miles away in Mexico’s Sonora state, another tribe of Pima live with essentially the same genes, but a more traditional diet and lifestyle. They have low rates of diabetes, about the same as their non-Pima neighbors.1 So, how could the Arizona Pimas’ genes be at fault?

The answer is genetics isn’t the reason the Arizona Pima have so much diabetes. Their Western diet of sugar and refined carbs is the real culprit. An equally striking example occurs in Alaska. The native people there have sky-high rates of diabetes. Again, their genes are blamed. But across the Bering Straits in Siberia, their genetically similar cousins have a rate ten times lower.2 How could this be?

Blood sugar levels chart

My first injection, I don’t remember it. I kind of blanked it out when I was in the hospital. But I do remember the first time I did it on my own. I was terrified and my hands were shaking so much that my uncle had to hold my hand to steady it. Weirdly though, after that first time, I could do it no problem. It became as natural as breathing.

I remember my first BG test on my fingers. I remember that clearly. I was presented with a glucometer 4 and the old grey lancing device and its green lancets. I remember as my DSN, Francois, held my finger and CHUNK…out comes the blood and I jump out of the uncomfortable hospital bed howling. It wasn’t much fun. And I vowed there and then that I would never ever do that again. But of course, I had to.

Measuring sugar levels with a chart

The first time I ever got a dirty look and nasty comment in public? Yep, I remember that one too. I was out with my parents in a restaurant, and I did my injection at the table. This was when I had moved from twice daily injections onto MDI’s, and so I was injected pre meal. There was a family on the table next to us who noticed me doing the air shot and counting up my units, and then saw me injecting: “MUM! Why is she injecting? Is she a heroine addict?” followed by “That’s so unhygienic, can you not do that in the toilets?”.

Cue rage and embarrassment from my thirteen year old self, whilst my mother took it upon herself to tell these ignorant whatsits that I would die without that injection, and they wouldn’t ask an asthmatic to take their inhaler in a toilet. This sort of thing has of course happened all throughout my d-life, and I’m still not used to it. It still makes me feel small, and makes me feel embarrassed. But I’ve learnt to deal with these ignorant whatsits and ignore them. From now on I always use an accurate blood sugar chart.

I guess the most important first for me was the first time I realized how much of an idiot I was being with my rebellion. It was a scary moment, and not one I would care to repeat. I remember feeling like a failure, being told that if I didn’t sort myself out I would find myself in an early grave. I remember the first time I vowed to sort myself out, the first day I properly logged my blood sugars. It was the first day in so long that I had actually felt healthy.


So many firsts with diabetes, and I’m sure there are many more to come. In some ways, it’s like your first day of school…only being repeated over and over again. And every time you think there are no more firsts coming with this disease, there’s always another one just around the corner.

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