Blood sugar chart

Why is blood sugar fluctuating?

A blood sugar chart will tell you the following – blood sugar will rise and fall during day. This happens mostly due to ingested food and its glycemic index. The higher the gycemic index of one food the more severe the blood sugar level fluctuation will occur. Normal blood sugar level is anything between 4 – 6 mmol in fasting state. A blood sugar levels chart is useful when assessing the blood sugar level values. You can write down your measured numbers and consult a blood sugar chart. This way you will always be in control of your numbers.

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blood sugar levels chart
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About diabetes

Type 2 diabetes (also known as noninsulin-dependent diabetes) is the most common form of diabetes that millions of Americans have been diagnosed. The disorder is a defect in the body that either makes the body resistant to insulin, inability to produce insulin or an increase of glucose production in the liver. Without proper treatment, the disease which can be genetic or due to lifestyle factors such as obesity, high blood pressure or through a poor diet can lead to severe problems. According to studies, people who suffer from type 2 diabetes are likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease. When you measure your BS you need to have blood sugar chart ready. Blood sugar will not only help you in assessing the numbers but will also ease your doctor’s task.

Why is measuring of blood sugar levels so important?

Leaving your blood sugar levels unattended can be very dangerous, ultimately resulting in death of a person. If blood sugar is too high or too low severe problems might arise. Refer to blood sugar chart for more details on which levels is normal, low or high. You can also ask your personal doctor to tell you which levels are appropriate for you. You need to listen to his or hers advice. There is general rule of thumb for every patient when it comes to blood sugar levels.
Here are the recommendations:

  • 4 mmol/l to 6 mmol/l is normal blood sugar level
  • above 6 mmol/l represents high blood sugar level
  • below 4 mmol/l represents low blood sugar level

Source: blood sugar chart for diabetics.

Before you panic not all fluctuations of blood sugar levels are dangerous. For example if you eat a whole chocolate bar it is natural that your blood sugar levels will increase over 6 mmol/l. But this is exactly when your pancreas will jump in and release insulin. Insulin will regulate your blood sugar levels to normal levels again. With diabetics this is not the case though. With type 1 diabetics body will release insulin from the pancreas, but will not be able to utilize it (the so called insulin resistance).

Type 1 diabetics need a diabetic pump to survive. For type 2 diabetics it is a bit easier. When blood sugar levels rise too high pancreas will not release insulin as it lost this capability. Instead a patient can lower their blood sugar level by exercising, injecting insulin manually, or by controlling their sugar levels with diet. More on this topic will be covered in upcoming article. Again, if you wish to be in control of your blood sugar levels you should download and print out a blood sugar levels chart and evident every measure you perform. Blood sugar levels chart is a simple chart that can come very handy in specific situations. While these charts will differ from country to country the main purpose is still the same. Use blood sugar levels chart whenever you can.

Keywords: blood sugar chart, blood sugar levels chart, glucose, diabetes.

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