Can blood sugar levels be effectively controlled even though you have diabetes?

The simple answer is NO. Diabetes type 1 is not curable. Type 2 might be, but type 1 not. In type 1 blood sugar levels can only be controlled with injecting insulin. With type 2 diabetes blood sugar levels can be controller with proper diet and lots of exercise.

There are two types of diabetes

Type 1 diabetes occurs due to a lack of insulin in the pancreas and happens mostly in children. It was previously known as children’s diabetes. Children had problems with regulation of blood sugar levels as a consequence. White blood cells, which act as defense against viruses and bacteria, at some point identify the beta cells in the pancreas as disease / opponents, and attack them. The result is diabetes type 1.

Fluctuation of blood sugar levels is critical

This destroyed the ability of the pancreas to generate the hormone called insulin, which is needed for the transfer of sugar into the cells. Patients are therefore by the end of life dependent on insulin injections. As a result blood sugar levels drop and spike significantly. If blood sugar levels are not controlled properly a patient is in deep trouble.[1]

Type 2 diabetes occurs as a result of cellular insulin resistance, this is a situation where the cell does not react to the presence of insulin, although it should. In this case, the pancreas produces normal hormone insulin. The problem occurs in the cell, because that particular cell does not answer. This form of diabetes is most common in the world, since it suffers from at least 90% of all patients with diabetes. [2], [3]

Both the first and second form of diabetes can be treated with proper diet. Although type 1 is not completely cured, but type 2 can be completely cured.


Diabetes onset and diabetes development:

development of diabetes
On this image: development of diabetes

What do studies say about high and low blood sugar levels?

First clinical studies have shown a link between diabetes and diet, have begun to take place in 1999 at George Washington University in the US. They started with only a 13-imi patients. For the first time, that was not tested any new medicine, but focused on a healthy plant-based diet and its impact on the course of the disease. The results were dramatic, with as many as two-thirds of patients within 12 weeks reduced or stopped using their anti-diabetes medicine. [4]


Sugar level level severity
below 4 mmol/L low dangerous
between 4 to 6 mmol/L normal lowest
above 6 to 8 mmol/L high dangerous
above 8 mmol/L very high very dangerous

Blood sugar levels chart

Stunning results from the first research scientists are driven forward to continuing with their work. The following study has been to increase the number of patients. Involving 59 patients, who were in different stages of diabetes and had different levels of blood sugar levels. Some of them have a clearer, the second medium and the third is more severe form of the disease.

Also, this study confirmed the original assumption that the vegetable diet very large impact on the functioning of insulin in diabetic patients. Patients over the 14 weeks of consuming such food quarter improved cell response to insulin. This was another great success, because the study did not test new drugs or require physical activity. Patients who prior to the survey had severe problems with unresponsiveness to insulin, suddenly felt a great relief, because the disease has slowly returned to the initial state. Interestingly, what was achieved only at the insistence of 100% relative plant nutrition. [5]

Thus, the first clinical studies have shown that a vegetable diet is a major influence on the response of cells to insulin. Apparently, in some cells change when a man shall take plant-based diet. Research in this direction have continued. Doctors have also finally realized that they can do much more for his patient if he prescribe plant-based diet. Even in cases where the situation is very critical, the resulting damage can still be corrected by properly planned a menu. Type 2 diabetes is therefore not an incurable disease, as previously believed for a long time, but in a fully curable load. Likewise, genes have no effect on disease status, as well as participating in research such patients who have had the disease gene states but nevertheless your problem welcomed by consumers. People only need to explain why it comes to diabetes. People should be able to motivate them to change their unhealthy lifestyle, because the only way to overcome the disease. [6]

Sugar causes diabetes

Until now it was believed that sugar and carbohydrates in general all (OH) cause of diabetes. Now finally understand that diabetes is caused primarily animal fat. The fact is that every cell in our body needs sugar, so it is completely irrational to blame for our troubles. Sugar, we are talking about is called glucose and body creates from food.

So we are not talking about the poor, processed (white) sugar, but on payloads sugar, which is necessary for the functioning of our body. Each cell of our works on the basis of glucose. Glucose represents our cell basic fuel, it is the source of our energy. Without this, we are tired, sleepy and dense. Therefore, the majority of diabetic patients with fatigue problems. As long as the cells do not get the real fuel in the form of glucose, such a person will be tired as the body without the sugar does not function very well. [7]

How about fat rich foods?

When eaten with fat-rich food (milk, cheese, meat, fish), this cause the sugar stays in the blood. Because of this heavy strain on their kidneys, which must constantly excrete all the unused sugar. This greatly depletes the energy of our body is forced to invest their efforts in the elimination of the enormous quantities of sugar, instead of being spent on fuel. Therefore, man is in that state constantly thirsty and constantly walking on little need. The main symptoms of diabetes are especially fatigue, constant urination and thirst. Some patients also happens that in spite of the abundance of food you eat, lose weight. We are constantly declining weight may be related to diabetic patients with fasting. Due to the non-responsiveness of cells to insulin is that they remain free of glucose for fatness, but also without nutrients, which in the long run detrimental, since it depletes the body and become malnourished. [8]

Now that you finally understand that the main culprit diabetes fat, help us understand how the disease occurs. The task of the insulin has to be transported through blood vessels to the sugar to the terminal station, that is, cells. Insulin addition to shipping kljuńćarja performs the function that opens the cell door, which then deliver sugar by our body desperately needs for its operation. If the key for any reason get stuck in the lock, problems occur. Sugar therefore remains in the blood, which means a rise in blood sugar and give us the long-term damage to the nerves, eyes and kidneys. These are the final consequences of diabetes. [9]

Another important thing genes, but not a decisive factor. It all depends on your lifestyle. If you have a gene that causes diabetes, the latter will not be activated if you live healthier. Thus, research has shown. [10]

Carbohydrates as culprit

Despite the simple explanation that OH is not harmful, still find people who do not believe. Therefore, this doubters served with the following information. When scientists were looking for areas where they have the lowest rate of diabetic patients, found that in these areas people eat a lot OH, ie potatoes, rice, cereals, pasta and other starchy foods and fruits. How is it possible that the people who eat a lot OH, diabetes does not even come to live?

Maybe we should ask ourselves, what these people do not eat and get an answer as to why diabetes occurs. Sometimes, scientists believed that the OH main culprit for the development of diabetes. We now know that this is not true. Some ethnic cuisine such as Japanese and Chinese are living proof that this is not so, because they contain a lot of OH and very little fat and protein respectively. food of animal origin. Meat in these environments serve only as a condiment and not as a staple food. So it is not unusual that they do not have any serious problems with any of the modern civilization diseases associated with excessive consumption of animal food. In traditional Asian and African communities have not yet found any group of people who would have so many forms of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, as we have with us. In other words, people who eat more plants and very few animal products are healthier and live longer. [11]

An earlier study showed that it was in Japan among the adult population before 1980 around 1-5% of patients with diabetes. After 1990, when Japan adapted to the typical Western diet of animal origin, it is in this group, the number of diabetic patients has increased by 12%. It has been shown that in both Japanese enjoying traditional diet, based on the OH-rich plant nutrition, not have any serious health problems. While the Japanese, who eat a lot of animal food, a lot of health problems. Based on these studies it can be argued that people who eat less animal nutrition significantly less likely to get sick than those who eat too much animal nutrition. [12]

Fair would be to ask why harm our fat cells to become non-responsive to insulin? Do not grease important to our health? Answer have made a number of recent research on this issue. In short, scientists have discovered that the high-fat diet increases the proportion of fat present within the cell, which in turn prevents insulin to open the cell door and into the delivery of needed sugar. It’s like if someone in perfect lock insert chewing gum, which would render the key that unlocks the door. So somehow getting too oily fat cell lock to the insulin can no longer open. This is the main problem high-fat diet based on animal nutrition, dominated by meat, fish, eggs, milk and milk products. Such foods us in the long term health costs. [13]


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