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Glocose is a simple sugar that is main source of energy for most of the living organisms and is a component of many carbohydrates. Human organism obtains energy from glucose. In order to see which glucose levels are ok and which not, a glucose level chart is most useful. Keep in mind a glucose level chart must be preapproved, meaning that the values must match of those approved by your local government. Refer to glucose level chart for additional information.

Monitoring blood glucose levels

Did you know? Google is developing Smart Contacts that monitor Blood Glucose. Google is developing smart contact lenses that measure the glucose levels in diabetics’ tears. If successful, Google’s newest venture could help to eliminate one of the most painful and intrusive daily routines of diabetics.

People with diabetes have difficulty controlling the level of sugar in their blood stream, so they need to monitor their glucose levels — typically by stabbing themselves with small pin pricks, swabbing their blood onto test strips and feeding them into an electronic reader. Google’s smart contacts could potentially make blood sugar monitoring far less invasive.

A prototype

The prototype contacts are outfitted with tiny wireless chips and glucose sensors, sandwiched between two lenses. They are able to measure blood sugar levels once per second, and Google is working on putting LED lights inside the lenses that would flash when those levels are too low or high. The electronics in the lens are so small that they appear to be specks of glitter, Google said. The wireless antenna is thinner than a human hair.

glucose measuring lens by googleOn this image: lenses that have built-in functionality of measuring ones blood glucose

They’re still in the testing phase and not yet ready for prime time. Google (GOOG, Fortune 500) has run clinical research studies, and the company is in discussions with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Diabetes is a chronic problem, affecting about one in 19 people across the globe and one in 12 in the United States.

Blood glucose level chart

As mentioned in the beginning, proper control of blood glucose is very important, especially with diabetics, be it either type 1 or type 2. Never assume things and always consider blood glucose chart when assessing your results. This is preventive and curative measure, all in one.

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