My diabetes story

So here’s my short story. I got a call the other day. His name was Jason, and he was a representative of Medtronic. Apparently, my pump has just fallen out of warranty (I didn’t even realize I’d had it for so long), and he was calling to see if I had any interest in upgrading to a newer model. Truth be told, I wasn’t paying much attention to what he was saying, focusing more on bobbing-and-weaving my way into the subway after work. I said thanks for the info, and that I’d call back later.

It was a lie. Every few years I get a call from some companies salesman asking if I want an upgrade for some diabetes supplies, and I never oblige. I still have the one-touch ultra from when I was diagnosed (almost ten years ago), and since switching to the pump the only time I’ve gotten a different one is when my model broke. I am always careful and monitor my blood sugar levels by using a blood sugar chart.

I also learnt to sleep more whenever possible. It is a must for me. It also helped me lower by BMI.

To me, none of the pumping advancements are advanced/important enough to get an entirely new device. Unless a major new breakthrough happens, I’m sticking to what I’ve got. And no, this isn’t solely limited to my diabetes ( I’m one of the ones currently deriding the new IPhone for not doing enough new to justify the price tag).

I’ve always thought like this–incremental advancement is nice and all, but call me when there is some real news. And truth be told, there is never going to be “new” news when it comes to Diabetic Supplies. They’ll get smaller, thinner, easier, but the basics aren’t likely to change. That’s why a Practical Cure would be such a revolutionary leap forward–giving people a normal life on a level diabetics haven’t known since the discovery of the disease.

It’s important to remember that this type of change–this momentous enhancement to a diabetic’s way of life–will never come from a company selling you pumps and needles and test strips. It will come from you, and from the charities–if we get them to put our money where it would be best spent.

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