Natural regulation of blood sugar

Is it possible to regulate glucose in natural way?

Yes, definitely. Glucose can be found in many foods including fruit, vegetables and whole grain foods. It is an essential part. Therefore by eating lots of glucose rich foods you influence your blood sugar levels severely. High ingestion of sugar will cause your blood sugar levels to spike above normal levels. Normal level is somewhere between 4 – 6 mmol/L for a healthy adult.

Does that mean you should cut out all sugar rich foods?

For the most part yes. But since there are alternative ways to regulate blood sugar you can still from time to time have a piece of cake and eat it without worry of falling into insulin shock. It depends if you have diabetes type 1 or type 2. With type 1 you are totally depended on insulin injections whereas with type 2 diabetes you can control fluctuations by following a proper diet. More on this in section “diets”.

Low calories foods

For most foods, apart from fat, sugar is what makes them most caloric. 100 grams of chocolate contains almost 60 grams of sugar. Pure sugar. This is a lot. Your body needs to regulate all this sugar otherwise you are in trouble / danger. Too high or too low blood sugar levels can be deadly if no action is taken. Let us take a look at reference values.

Sugar level level severity
below 4 mmol/L low dangerous
between 4 to 6 mmol/L normal lowest
above 6 to 8 mmol/L high dangerous
above 8 mmol/L very high very dangerous

Blood sugar levels chart

What can you do?

Simple. Eat non sugar-rich foods and exercise a lot so your body will utilize blood sugar to obtain energy from it.

Update: blood glucose chart link to the other article.


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