No diet can cure diabetes

Unfortunately, no diet can completely cure diabetes. Your blood sugar levels are and will always be impaired. Anyone telling you that diabetes can be cured is obviously trying to sell you something. Do not fall for false claims, no matter how good they may sound.

Diabetes (type 1 nor type 2) is not curable with current technology.

You can regulate your blood sugar levels

With proper diet you can control your blood sugar levels very efficiently. By eating less carbohydrates you induce less intense blood sugar / insulin spikes. This will result in better overall blood sugar control.
You should always aim for following values:

  • 4 to 6 mmol/L
  • below 6 mmol/L at any time

Please note that this values are just for your information and cannot be 100% accurate. Only your personal doctor can tell you which blood sugar levels are proper for you.
Update: refer to blood sugar levels chart for more details.

For information on heart rate zones navigate here.

If you can maintain such levels than you will not experience any problems whatsoever. These numbers are hard to reach for diabetics so make sure you have a good diet.